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Are You Worried About Your Child’s Well-Being?

teen-children-counseling-cookeville_LargeAre you concerned about your child or teen’s emotional state or behavior? Has your child been the victim of abuse, trauma or bullying? Perhaps your child is having trouble coping with a major life transition. Or maybe your child’s rebellious behavior has negatively impacted your family. Do you wonder if your child is struggling with a learning disability? Do you wish you could feel confident in your relationship with your child, knowing he or she has a solid foundation in order to fulfill his or her highest potential?

Discovering that your child has an emotional or behavioral problem can be devastating. You may believe your child simply exhibits bad behavior when he or she has a more significant underlying issue. Throughout the day, you may worry about your child, wondering if he or she is safe and happy. Often, your child’s school may notify you of his or her poor academic performance or bad behavior. You might feel like the harder you try to connect with your child, the further he or she drifts away.

Getting Off Track During Childhood And Adolescence Is A Common Problem

Even though you may feel alone in your struggle to understand your child’s emotional or behavioral state, it’s not uncommon for children, teens and their parents to struggle through some developmental stage or following a transition, loss or trauma. Some parents brush off their children’s behavior and emotions, believing it is simply a life phase. While in some cases this may be true, a child or teen that is acting out or withdrawing may be trying to signal that there is a deeper emotional, academic or social issue that he or she is grappling with. Staying properly informed and seeking help from one of our qualified therapists can provide you with insight, improve the life of your child and relieve stress within your family.

Finding Relief And Direction Through Child And Teen Counseling

Your child’s symptoms can be both identified and managed with the assistance of a qualified therapist. Child and teen counseling can help you see improvements and better manage your child’s symptoms. Here at Personal Growth Counseling, we have acquired a lot of skills, experience and expertise in child and teen counseling during our 22 years in the Cookeville, TN area. Our practice is equipped to handle:

• Trauma/Abuse Treatment
• Depression and Anxiety Treatment
• Parental Custody Evaluations
• Court-Ordered Bonding Assessments
• ADD/ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment
• Play Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Life Coaching
• Home Studies For Adoption
• Expert Witness Testimony For Court

Our team is comprised of therapists who are skilled in a wide array of specialties and disciplines that can benefit the unique needs of our young clients and their parents, too. The well-trained members of our team include a psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, ADD/ADHD specialist and two nurse practitioners.

Along with our high level of experience and expertise in child and teen counseling, we take pride in the fact that our therapists and support staff are also very compassionate, creative and knowledgeable. Whether it is play therapy, art therapy or a traditional session, we know how to get on a child’s and teen’s level in a way that enhances the overall therapy experience.

We also understand that what your child experiences now can lay the foundation for his or her future. We go the extra mile in our child and teen counseling to support both you and your child as you develop the understanding and skills needed to better navigate the challenges you face.

If your child is struggling with self-esteem issues due to a significant emotional problem, bullying a chemical imbalance or other influences, we can help. We believe that healthy self-esteem is the best predictor of success in any area of life. With effective tools and supports in place, your child’s self-esteem, mood and behavior can improve

Child and teen counseling can also help you and your child build a stronger relationship. Through personality testing, we can help you and your child discover what his or her gifts are and how to focus on strengths as opposed to weaknesses. We believe that your child has unique abilities and deserves the opportunity to excel at whatever they choose.

In addition, we can also help guide you in your parenting decisions. Taking into consideration your long-term success, we will provide you with a parenting plan specifically designed to help you improve your home situation during the therapy process and, more importantly, after it is complete. The key to your family’s happiness is when your child is respectful, responsible, does things right the first time and is fun to be with. When he or she has achieved these four characteristics, your job as a parent will become far less stressful.

I believe my child/teen could benefit from counseling, but I still have a few questions and concerns…

I’m worried that my child will be embarrassed by therapy.

It’s understandable that you or your child would not want anything painful or embarrassing about your family to become public. Our child and teen counseling sessions are completely confidential, so you and your child do not have to worry. In addition, getting a handle on your child’s issues now could save him or her years of embarrassment and struggle.

I know my child best. Why would I need outside help?

Seeking professional help for your child is a responsible act of love. We may not know you and your child personally yet, but we know human behavior. We are equipped to help and guide you through the process of finding effective solutions to your child’s issues. Our staff participates in extensive continuing education training to stay informed about the latest research and therapy techniques.

How can you help me create a closer relationship with my child?

We work diligently to strengthen the parent-child relationship and to discover your child’s strengths, talents and gifts. We encourage parents to focus on the things the child does well. This builds confidence in children and empowers them to pursue the things that are unique and special about them. When you engage your child in the activities he or she loves most, while holding them to appropriate standards, your relationship can prosper.

I’ve read a lot about my child’s ADD/ADHD, but I don’t know what to do.

Our esteemed experts will develop a parenting plan that provides you with techniques proven to benefit children diagnosed with these conditions. We can teach you how to maximize your child’s attention span, manage symptoms and how to use his or her condition as an asset, as opposed to a liability.

ADD and ADHD are complex medical, physiological disorders that can impact your child’s emotional well-being, self-confidence and behavior. We believe in the power of information and will educate you about effective techniques to manage your child’s symptoms, while also minimizing the need for medications.

Taking The Next Step Toward Your Child’s Bright Future

If you are ready to help your child get on a successful path, we invite you to call us for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your child’s needs and how child and teen counseling can improve his or her life.