The Body Stores and Remembers Stress

Stress. It is inescapable and unavoidable. Small amounts of stress are beneficial to the body, urging us to adapt to our environment. However higher stress levels, if left unchecked, can lead to serious illnesses of the body such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes (Mayo Clinic staff, 2013b). Symptoms that stress may be [...]

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Shhhhh Quiet! Child Sleeping. Maybe Not!

Most of us parents have kissed our kids good-night, tucked them in bed, turned out the light and instructed them to be quiet and go to sleep. Right? Ok, that works for some children especially if they are really tired. However, for many children this strategy simply does not work very well and parents are [...]

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Taming the “Energizer Bunny”

Emotional Brain Everyone has at one time or another (maybe many times or most of the time) had the experience of being controlled by his/her emotions. I frequently refer to Emotional Brain as EB or “the Energizer Bunny.” Sometimes this makes us angry or frustrated or out of control. We wish we could shut Emotional [...]

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Say Goodbye to Guilt

Our goal is to have a strong, positive self-concept and to be able to maintain it regardless our our expertise or lack or it in any particular area. This needs to happen regardless of the approval or disapproval of any other person. The way you think about your behavior in any given situation (the way [...]

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Resilience Restored the Pump

When bad things happen in your life (and they do to everyone) don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Only losers constantly blame others for things that go wrong in their life. I have found that rather than blaming someone else for bad decisions, lack of preparation, and poor judgment, some people draw on strength, [...]

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When Should I Ask For Help?

Far too often, people let problems overwhelm them before they seek help. This could be due to a number of factors, perhaps most often the stigma associated with seeking assistance with mental health issues. In therapy we often use the “broken arm” analogy- if your arm is broken, you wouldn’t hesitate to go to the [...]

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What Major Way Unknowing Parents Can Hurt Their Children

Parental alienation (PA) is a serious mental condition that affects hundreds of thousands of children and families in the United States. It is a mental condition in which a child-usually one whose parents are engaged in a high conflict separation or divorce allies himself or herself strongly with an alienating parent and rejects a relationship [...]

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