Twelve Suggestions for the Twelve Days of Christmas Parties and Family Reunions

At Christmas time almost everyone is more likely to be reunited with family members and friends that we do not see very often. Some of these people may carry painful memories for you and you may fear and/or dread seeing them. It is possible that you may choose to avoid events that might be fun [...]

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The Poisonous Mother

One of the most heartbreaking discoveries I made during my first year working at the Department of Human Services was that there were mothers out there who almost hate their own daughters. I am so fortunate to have had a wonderful mother. I am an only child and I always knew that my mother loved [...]

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Strategies You Can Practice at Work to be More Effective

Not everyone with ADD or ADHD will find they face the same challenges at work. Many people struggle with distractions, which may be internal, external or both. Internal distractions may include random thoughts popping into your head while trying to focus on a task, while external ones come from what’s going on around you, like [...]

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Finding Effective Treatment for Sexual Problems in Relationships

The role of sexuality in the symptoms of patients/clients is far greater than dysfunction, abuse and addiction. We live in a highly sexual culture as evidenced by the media and especially the entertainment industry. It is ironic that at the same time, open, intimate and real conversation about sexuality is frequently overlooked in therapeutic settings. [...]

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Twenty Warning Signs: You may be dealing with a Psychopath

When we think of a psychopath, most of us get an image of a violent killer or an over the top villain. What most people don’t realize is that we are probably dealing with someone or more than one person who demonstrates the criteria for this disorder several times a week. Psychopaths demonstrate a wide [...]

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Addiction Is Not Just About Substances

It is about disrupting the process of pleasure Addiction is such a harmful behavior that it should have been eliminated a long time ago. However, humans seem to be determined to experiment with things that make them feel good, if only for a short duration of time with potential for devastating and forever consequences. Actually [...]

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Self Esteem: Rip those old tapes out of your head

How we feel about ourselves affects every aspect of our life. Our responses to events are shaped by who and what we think we are. The dramas of our lives are the reflections of our most private visions of ourselves and others. Self-esteem is the key to success or failure in any endeavor. Apart from [...]

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Stress Management

Stress. It is inescapable and unavoidable. Small amounts of stress are beneficial to the body, urging us to adapt to our environment. However higher stress levels, if left unchecked, can lead to serious illnesses of the body such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes (Mayo Clinic staff, 2013b). Symptoms that stress may be [...]

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Harm Reduction Therapy

Personal Growth Counselors choose evidence based treatment interventions. These interventions need to be based on the client’s needs and the goals for treatment need to be based on a variety of things. Some of the individual’s needs to consider include but are not necessarily limited to their family or origin history, including trauma, substance use [...]

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