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Has Life Become A Constant Struggle?

• Do you often feel sad, angry or hopeless? Perhaps your mood changes drastically depending on the day or time of year.
• Do feelings of worry bring you down, causing you to feel alone and confused?
• Have emotions or past negative experiences triggered an addiction or compulsive behavior?
• Have you suffered debilitating abuse, trauma or loss? Do you feel alone with your fears?
• Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness?
• Do you wish you could feel more in control of your life?

adult-counseling-cookeville-TNWhen you wake up in the morning, you might feel hopeless while planning your daily activities, knowing your emotions, thoughts, addictions or physical feelings will keep you from reaching your highest potential. Throughout the day, you may struggle with focus and productivity at work, create a larger gap between you and your family members or question who you are. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, trauma or grief, you may find it difficult to fall asleep at night. When you are faced with an ailment in life, you may believe you have to self-manage it. However, in many cases, enduring your struggles alone may worsen your condition and lead to unhealthy habits.

The Need For Adult Counseling Is Very Common

We all have times in our lives when we feel out of sync. Out of the ordinary emotions and behaviors can be triggered by life transitions, trauma, loss, illness and brain chemistry. While we are sometimes able to overcome emotional hurdles on our own, this burden often contributes to our pain.

Movies, television shows and music tend to portray perfect, glamorized lives. Surrounded by these idealized images, it is no surprise that many people feel abnormal when they start to lose a sense of themselves. The truth is that many adults suffer from mental ailments – and those who seek treatment are equipped with the tools and support to feel better.

Life is about resilience. Without a doubt, we will be knocked down a few times in our lives and there is no shame in asking for a helping hand in order to get back up.

You Can Find Relief Through Adult Counseling

During adult counseling sessions, one of our experienced therapists can help you find relief from your struggles. In a safe and compassionate environment, you and your experienced therapist will work together to positively change your life.

After an initial assessment, we will determine your strengths and help you develop strategies to build on them. In addition, we will identify what is triggering your negative emotions or behavior. Together, we will create a tailor-made plan – full of effective strategies and techniques that you can use on a daily basis.

If you have experienced trauma, abuse or paranoia and feel stuck with your feelings, thoughts or behaviors, adult counseling sessions can help you face your worst fears and show you that everyone has the ability to grow and change. It’s also possible that eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) can bring you relief. Whether you are overwhelmed with traumatic past experiences or you are upset and reacting as if something could happen to you when it has not, our experts in EMDR therapy can determine if this treatment is best for you.

If you are overwhelmed with depression, loss, substance abuse or compulsive behavior, it is important to seek help as soon as possible because these conditions can quickly become dangerous. Beginning treatment sooner rather than later can put you on the road to recovery and potentially save you years of struggle.

Whether you suffer with an emotional imbalance, a behavioral problem, chronic pain or illness or an extreme mental illness, our therapists will not only provide you the best possible care, but they will also act as your role model. Our therapeutic process mirrors effective communication models so it is likely you will see positive change in most areas of your life.

Overall, our experienced therapists and medical practitioners are trained to help individual adults with anxiety, depression, trauma, a history of abuse, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, substance abuse problems, eating disorders, workplace issues, addictions, chronic pain and anger problems. We offer EMDR Therapy, Rapid Resolution Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Essential Oils in Clinical Psychotherapy, Critical Incident Therapy, Crisis Intervention Self Esteem groups, Healthy Eating Groups, as well as Trauma and Abuse Recovery Groups.

Since 1994, we have helped countless adults with a variety of conditions. While our professional staff has a diverse set of specialties, we all have a Master’s or doctorate degree. We also all participate in continuing education in order to stay current with the newest and best strategies to treat our patients.

Adult counseling seems like it will help me, but I still have a few questions and concerns…

I don’t want to talk about my problems with a stranger.

You may have family members or friends who have given you support through some of your darkest days. Even though this support is helpful and you might feel more comfortable speaking to someone you already trust, the extent of his or her expertise in treating your issue may be limited.

At first, speaking to a therapist might be unsettling because you are afraid to share your deepest and strongest emotions with a stranger. However, the fact that your therapist does not know you personally can actually aide the treatment process. His or her objective point of view can lead you to a more thoughtful analysis of your situation and more effective solutions. In addition, our adult counseling sessions remain completely confidential so you do not have to worry about anyone else knowing about your personal life.

I don’t know if I want to spend the time and money on adult counseling. I think I can self-manage my condition.

In some cases, you may be able to effectively manage your condition on your own. But depending on the severity of your struggles, seeking professional help may be your best or only option. Even if you have a minor ailment, the pressures of your life could cause your thoughts, feelings and actions to spiral out of control.

In terms of time and money, you must ask yourself how much your happiness is worth to you? If you suffered from a physical illness, you probably would not second-guess your need to see a doctor. Your mental health should be no different. The earlier you begin treatment, the better your chances are for recovery and feeling like yourself again.

As a Christian, I believe I can find guidance through the Bible. How will my therapist consider my beliefs during treatment?

Just like doctors and nurses, therapists have also been appointed by God to help those who are unwell. We will work with you to ensure our strategies and techniques are aligned with your fundamental religious beliefs. During adult counseling sessions, you can set and attain a goal to feeling better, as well as find yourself and live by God’s word.

You Can Create A Happier And More Fulfilling Life

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be the best you can possibly be. If you are ready to find the motivation and direction to improve your life, we invite you to call us for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and how adult counseling can help you.